Essence – Let’s take an elfie (The little X-mas factory)

essence let's take an elfieIt has been a while since I bought a polish from an Essence Limited edition collection. When I saw pictures of Let’s Take an Elfie, I knew I needed to have it. It looked exactly like how Essie – Private Weekend should have looked. I hope I’m still in time with my review, because I’ve heard there is already a new Essence Limited edition called Winter Wonderful. Anyway, maybe you can still find Let’s Take an Elfie somewhere in a discount bin!

swatch of essence let's take an elfie

Let’s Take an Elfie is a white sheer polish with iridescent sparkles. Essence calls this a “snowflake effect” and I understand what they mean. The sparkles aren’t holographic but when the light hits just right, they do have a little color shift. The polish was very sheer, but I knew that when I bought it, so I was prepared. It took me 4 coats to make it completely opaque. Normally I never do 4 coats, because I find that three is my limit. However, for this polish I was willing to make an exception.

swatch of essence let's take an elfie

Probably because of the shimmer, the polish is a bit thick and it dries gritty. So you can imagine, that after 4 coats, I really had a thick layer of polish on my nails. I think you can also see this in the pictures, it looks really thick. The shimmer is really pretty though, which makes up for it a little bit.

After all, this polish didn’t really blew me away.┬áThe idea is very nice, but it is just too hard to apply and looks bumpy once it’s on the nail. I think I’m going to give this polish a second change, because I think it will look amazing over another white polish. I don’t know if I would recommend Let’s Take an Elfie to anyone. Probably only if you really love the sparkles and you are willing to struggle with this polish.


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