Essie – Fiji 2016 (Permanent collection)

Bottle shot of Fiji

Today I’m showing you a nail polish that was my first lemming ever! I didn’t know back then what a lemming was, but I knew I wanted to have Essie – Fiji really bad. However, the stores in my country did not sell Fiji and I also didn’t know about ordering nail polish online back then.

swatch of light pink nail polish Essie Fiji

During that time, I bought a lot of nail polish, hoping that I would find a dupe. I kind of gave up on ever owning Fiji and I didn’t even care anymore about it. However, when I saw that the dutch website had Fiji in stock, I couldn’t resist any longer. But the strange thing is… When it arrived, I realized that I probably had some dupes. Don’t get me wrong, the color is very pretty.Swatch of Essie Fiji

Fiji has changed over the years. The US and EU versions seem quite different. The one that I have is almost white, but you can always see that it’s not white. If you know what I mean! I’ve seen some other pictures where Fiji looks way less white, so I’m definitely happy I do not own that variation. The shade of pink doesn’t lean to much to orange or purple. I normally prefer pinks that are a little bit warmer. But when I have a tan, this kind of pink is also fine.

swatch of Essie fiji

The formula is OK, not the best ever. I have used 3 thin coats, but a fourth coat might even have been better. However, I just refuse to do that! When you polish too thick, Fiji easily bubbles, so it’s important to be aware of that. But is it worth the trouble? Yes! I love the clean look this Essie gives! I can’t stop staring at my hands, I can definitely understand why it is such a popular color.

Because I have so many dupes, I have decided to do a little comparison! So keep watching for my next article, to see which shades I have collected over the years!

Do you think Fiji is worth the hype?



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