Essie – In a Blush (Treat love and color)

This is the first time that I use a Treat love and color polish from Essie. The treat love color polishes are a bit more expensive than regular Essie nail polish, but Essie claims that it is a “treatment” type of polish. I carefully checked the description and it basically means that the Treat Love and Color line are all nail strengthers with a color. You might also know this concept from OPI, who released colored Nail Envy at some point.

At first I was not really interested in the Treat love and color line, because the polish is a little bit more expensive, they are all neutral colors and my nails are in general in OK condition. However, there was a sale in my local drugstore and I was able to pick them up with a fifty percent discount ánd I really loved the color of in a blush. It is a nice detail that the bottle says with what type of polish you are dealing with. This one says “creme”, but there are also polishes saying “sheer” or “shimmer”.

If you are looking for a review of the strenghtening part of the nail polish; I have to dissapoint you. I did wear the color for about a week and I did not notice any difference. In order to see results, you really have to wear this polish for a longer time in a row and reapply regularly. (If you are planning to do this, it might be worth picking up multiple colors, because you can sometimes change if you are bored). Essie Envy did a more extensive test and you can find her impressive results over here. She noticed differences quite soon, so maybe in the future I will try for myself.

In a blush is a light shade of pink, with a drop of peach. I was surprised by the formula of this polish. Normally these type of shades can be horrible, but in a blush almost covered in two coats. Essie says you do not need a topcoat. But I ended up using one anyway. Below I have a comparison of similar Essie shades in my stash.

Essie Urban jungle is more of a sand color compared to in a blush. However, sometimes it is not really noticeable. Essie Fiji and In a Blush are definitely comparable. However, Essie in a blush has a much better formula (my Fiji is very liquid), and Essie in a blush is a tiny bit more peachy than Fiji. I have to admit. In a Blush is my favorite!

I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to try out In a Blush. I think I will definitely grab In a Blush every once in a while when I need a clean manicure.


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