Nail polish news: Upcoming OPI collections (for Spring 2020)

After the post about Essie’s new collections I of course couldn’t wait to make a post about OPI’s upcoming collections. As usual, OPI releases less collections than Essie, but the number of polishes in the collections are higher. So let’s have a look!

OPI Mexico City for Spring 2020

You probably have seen this collection by now, it is everywhere! Swatches are super easy to find and are basically everywhere. This collection consists of 12 shades; 9 cremes, 1 shimmer, 1 metallic and one sheer jelly with flakies. Some of these polishes are quite unique, most we have seen before. However, I think it is a very interesting and bright collection, with a lot of nice shades. For swatches I recommend the swatches of Manigeek (here). I love that they made a color called “my Chihuahua doesn’t bite anymore” (in the Mexico collection of 2006 they released a polish that was called “My Chihuahua bites”, which became an OPI classic). I’m probably not going to buy any of them, they are very close to shades that I already own. So probably no swatches from me!

OPI Neo Pearl

Now this is the collection I am most excited about! For a long time, this collection was a big secret but the first swatches are finally here. This collection again consists of 12 shades. However, 6 of them are normal shades and 6 of them are infinite shine shades (quite strange, because normally polish is released in an infinite shine version and normal version). The normal shades all consist of the same finish; pearl-frosty. Definitely not my favourite finish, but I now that some people like them a lot. The infinite shine shades are gorgeous though! They are all light shades with a special iridescent shimmer. You can check out a swatch video from the complete collection over here. Swatches of the regular line are over here. There is going to be a mini pack of the infinite shine shades… I definitely need it! Usually around this time of year OPI releases a collection of Soft Shades, so I guess this year it is the Neo Pearl collection!

Would do you think? I can definitely see that there is a shimmer thing going on in the nailpolish world currently! I am definitely not complaining about that 😉


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