OPI Infinite Shine 2 – I’ll have a Gin & Tectonic (Fall 2017)

I couldn’t be happier when I found out that the Big Bazar sold OPI infinite shine polishes! Big Bazar is a dutch budget store and it sells the Infinite shine polishes for 7.99 if I remember correctly. Usually only ugly colors are available, but this time…. I’m super enthusiastic! The polishes I found are quite recent, most of them are from the Iceland (Fall 2017) and from the Lisbon collection (Summer 2018).

The first infinite shine polish I would like to show you is OPI I’ll have a Gin and Tectonic from the OPI Iceland collection. I was actually positively surprised with this shade. It’s super super pretty, a salmon shade. It looks great with almost everything I’ve worn so far, so it is very practical.

So a quick recap for all the new nail polish fans. A couple of years ago every nail polish brand suddenly started to make gel-like nail polish that you can use without a lamp (as supposed to real gel nail polish). OPI started their gel polish line with OPI Infinite Shine, currently it’s already OPI Infinite Shine 2.

This is my first experience using the infinite shine range. I didn’t join the infinite shine hype, mainly because I was too busy trying other polishes, and I found them not interesting enough. However, I have to admit that the bottle looks nicer than the bottles with the black cap and the formula is nice.

Definitely worth the try if you find them somewhere cheaply.




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