OPI Infinite Shine 2 – You can count on it (Summer 2016)

I couldn’t be happier when I found out that the Big Bazar sold OPI infinite shine polishes! Big Bazar is a dutch budget store and it sells the Infinite shine polishes for 4.99 if I remember correctly. Usually only ugly colors are available, but this time…. Very enthousiastic. I think the polishes I have are quite recent.


So a quick recap for all the new nail polish fans. A couple of years ago every nail polish brand suddenly started to make gel-like nail polish that you can use without a lamp (as supposed to real gel nail polish). OPI started their gel polish line with OPI infinite shine. Currently we are dealing with the infinite shine 2 range.

You can count on it is a nude polish, which will look good on many people. I was surprised that even on my hands it looked quite good.


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