Another new Essie collection: Essie Keep me posted (Spring 2021) + more Essie news!

Another Essie Spring 2021 collection is spotted, called Keep me posted. Sadly, I don’t have that much to tell about this collection, but I know that not all of you follow me on Instagram and appreciate it if I share it here too! So read further to find out everything I know about the Keep me posted collection. Edit: This collection seems to be called Keep YOU posted on most of the official Essie material, might be a good thing to keep in mind if you’re not able to find this collection!

The collection consists again of 6 Essie shades. All with names that refer to European cities. This is what they are called: Been there London that (rich rosy red with a cream finish), Berlin the club ( bold plum purple nail polish with red undertones and a cream finish), Madrid it for the ‘gram (vibrant papaya orange nail polish with a cream finish), Rome around (bright teal blue nail polish with a cream finish), Happy as Cannes be (muted alabaster white nail polish with a cream finish), No place like Stockholm (cloudy midtone gray nail polish with a cream finish).

Sadly this collection is only available at Target, both in stores and on the website (they should be there right now or will be there soon). Sadly, no one knows whether this collection will be US only, or will also come to other countries. If you’re interested in swatches of this collection anyway, I definitely recommend this video by Livwithbiv.

Update: I just received a message from MrsCGN (see comments), that this collection will be available in Germany starting from week 13! So keep your eyes open next time you visit your local drugstore!

New Essie TLC shades

Because I feel bad I have another US only collection, I want to share another little Essie update. The TLC (treat love & color) shades are also updated! 4 new colors are added to the line and the packaging has been updated! The new colors I have found so far are Berry Best (a muted jelly red), Final stretch (a brown nude), Punch it up (a pink with golden shimmer), and Take 10 (a light peach color). You can find the new colors over here on Amazon (affiliate link). If you want to see swatches of this collection, I recommend this video. From this collection I know for a fact that it will come to the rest of the world! If you’re not familiar with the TLC line: it is a nail color and nail hardner in one, sort of similar to OPI nail envy. I only own one color so far, and I posted a small review about it here.

Although I am a bit “mehh” about the keep me posted collection being a target only collection, I am definitely excited about the new TLC shades!


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