Essie Beleaf in yourself (Fall 2021)

Essie is continuing the trend to release a lot of nail polish collections. Weeks ago on Instagram, people started to report that they found new colors at Target. The bottles had a silver ivy leaf on the cap and I had never seen the names before. Of course, there was no official confirmation of Essie (yet) about a new collection. But finally, about a week ago, Essie confirmed that there is a new “Beleaf in yourself” collection!

The collection is a target exclusive and consists of six new shades:

Essie just grow with it, vine and dandy, plant one on me, beleaf in yourself, you’re a natural, and rooting for you


This collection is a target exclusive. People were finding it already weeks ago at target stores, and even back then, some shades seemed to be sold out already! The collection also appeared on the Target website, although the shades used to be “in stock”, they seem to be sold out now too. Of course, the collection did start to appear on eBay so if you really want this collection, you could try it there.

Will the Beleaf in yourself collection be available in Europe?

Of course, I was also curious whether this collection would come to Europe. I took a look at the numbers of the new Essie collections that I have. Love-all game is the bottle from summer with the highest number (795), Off the record is the bottle with the lowest number from fall (807). The Ferris of them all collection has lower numbers. This would mean that still 11 new colors will be released between summer and fall!

At first sight, this looks a bit weird, since Essie collections mostly consist of six new shades. However, around this time last year, a couple of new ‘celebration’ shades were released in Europe, and added to the permanent collection. This might explain the strange number!

However, although this might imply that there is hope that the “Beleaf in yourself” collection will come to Europe, I wouldn’t count on it. To anyone asking whether this collection will come to Germany, Essie answers “no”. They have also said that about the Ferris of them all collection (which was released in Germany after all), but in general I would say that they are pretty accurate. I guess we patiently have to wait to find out what the 11 new shades will be!


I personally find this a gorgeous collection. I really hope Essie will eventually release it in Europe too. If you run into this collection at Target, you should definitely pick it up!

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