Essie – Bon Boyage (Spring 2018)

As with Essie – Angora Cardi, I found Bon Boyage in the designer outlet in Roermond for half the price. Definitely a good place if you are looking for some older Essies. From what I’ve seen there is a lot of leftover from seasonal collections from 2017/2018/early 2019.

Bon boy-age is from the Spring 2018 collection, so quite recent. It’s a typical Essie shade, a dusty pastel I would call it. Very pretty, I own some furniture in the same color ;). It immediately reminded me of an Essie classic: Maximilian Strasse her. It’s the same type of dusty essie, but Maximillian Strasse is a bit more blue/grey.

The formula is very nice. A bit streaky at two, but covers completely in 3. What I like about these type of typical Essie shades is that they are subtle, but at the same time quite special. You can easily bring it to the office, without being too much. I spend a lot of time searching for Maximilian Strasse Her a couple of years ago, but this would have been a perfect replacement. A good picture of a comparison you can find in this instagram post. It also shows the difference with mint candy apple nicely.

I really like this post of Essie Envy: about the whole spring collection. There is also a comparison with Passport to Happinness in there (one of my favorite Essie’s). I also enjoy the rest of this collection, but I don’t think I will pick them up in the near future.

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