Essie Gel Couture Wedding collection 2021

Honestly, I was first planning on not posting anything about this collection. I’ve known about this collection for a while now. For European Essie fans, it is nearly impossible to get our hands on new Gel Couture collections, which is very frustrating to me. Still, for the sake of completeness, I want to share the new Essie Gel Couture Wedding 2021 collection with you!

As usual, this collection consists of 6 new Gel Couture shades. Essie’s long-lasting nail polish line. The shades are all shimmers.

All shades of the Essie Gel Couture Wedding 2021 collection

The shades are called:

  • Bespoke Baroque: Medium pink with shimmer
  • Boutique your interest: Peach shimmer
  • Can’t miss the Mrs. : Light pink shimmer, in some pictures it looks like a rose gold.
  • Beaded Belle: Silver shimmer
  • Glint of Elegant: Gold/yellow shimmer
  • Vintage Veil: White shimmer

Sadly, this is all I have. Of course, I will update this page when I find out more! So be sure to check back. I have seen some websites offer this collection already, so who knows, maybe they are going to be “officially” released soon.

Update: The shades are now also available on Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link). There are also some other stores that have them now, such as Transdesign (check the comments for more information).

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