Essie – Pinkies out (Spring 2019)

I’m proudly announcing swatches of the Essie Spring 2019 collection! I did not find it in the Netherlands, but I found it in Germany. The first one I would like to show you is Essie Pinkies out. Pinkies out is a beautiful light coral with very fine pink shimmer. Unfortunately, on the pictures it does not really stand out, but trust me. It is super pretty. The polish itself reminds me of a coral version of Essie Passport to Happiness. That is good news, because Passport to Happiness is one of my favorite polishes ever.

I think it is perfect for Spring and very work appropriate, but still kind of special. I would also definitely see myself wear it for summer to a nice destination, like Greece. Kind of an all round but special polish.  The polish is covered in 2,5 coats. Not the easiest formula but also not the worst. Like Passport to Happiness is was already kind of thick and it had some bubbles. I’m not sure whether it was due to the formula itself or because I already wore it for a couple of times (my bottle looks horrible 😉 .

For the Dutchies, I have good news. It is supposed to be available in dutch stores already! The other polishes of the collection are also definitely worth checking out.

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