Merry Christmas: Review of Essie – Ruby Slippers (Discontinued)

Hello Everyone, I wish you a very happy Christmas!
Today I have one of the most special polishes I own for you. It is Essie Ruby Slippers, better known as the red starry starry night (although there is a different Essie that is also called the red version of Starry starry night).

Bottle of Essie Ruby Slippers

I don’t know if many of you know this polish; it is over 20 years old. I would never have expected to find this polish in the Netherlands, because Essie wasn’t sold here 20 years ago. I did some more research about Ruby Slippers, although I don’t know the exact collection, it was probably released between the summer 2003 and fall 2003 collection. So that make it a little younger than 20 years. Suddenly back in 2011, US stockist 8ty8beauty had a couple in stock, and I believe that is where mine came from. Three years ago, back in 2016, I bought Ruby Slippers from a girl who was destashing. In her collection there were more polishes that were imported from the US. I bought a couple of other polishes from her, but Ruby Slippers was the one I really really really wanted, and I just knew I needed it in my life.

Swatch of Essie Ruby Slippers

I was so excited when I first got it. However, after googling I realized that this polish was quite rare and I was too afraid to use it. This year for Christmas, I decided to pull myself together and to just wear it.

Ruby Slippers is quite special because Essie does not make this type of polish quite often anymore. I would describe Ruby Slippers as a red jelly with glitter. Because the base is jelly you get a very nice “see through effect” similar to Starry night, Toggle to the top and Leading Lady. What you see in the pictures is three coats of Ruby Slippers. The formula is a bit lumpy due to all the glitters. Two coats are not enough because the polish is not covered evenly then. In the pictures I’m only wearing one layer of topcoat. But two layers might even be better. You definitely cannot wear it without topcoat.

Below you see a comparison to my other red jelly glitters. I’m very glad I own Ruby Slippers, it is a true collectors item. However, I own some polishes that have the same concept as this one. If I might be honest; OPI Underneath the mistletoe might be my favorite, just because the formula is nicer and the glitter is smaller. The swatch stick don’t really do the polish justice, but you can clearly see that Ruby Slippers and Toggle to the top are quite lumpy.

I found out that Essie even released a red jelly glitter again this year, for their 2019 valentine’s collection, called Roses are red. You can find swatches over here. It is definitely not the same as Ruby Slippers, but it has the same “concept”. And Roses are red is probably easy to find compared to Ruby Slippers. (Roses are red is still available on Amazon over here, affiliate link)

Ruby Slippers is an over the top red glitter. Especially suitable for Christmas. To me, it stays a very special polish, just because of the story. I never expected that I was able to get my hands on one. If someone would ask to show me my most loved polish, I would point you at this one. However, is it the best red glitter polish I own? No probably not. Would I pay an enormous amount of money just to get my hands on it? No also not. However, if you can find it, like me, for a very reasonable price, you might not want to let that chance go. I think the best chance of finding this one might be in destashes and maybe on ebay, since I couldn’t find any stores that still sold Ruby slippers.

For more comparisons I would like to refer you to the following blogpost:

Do you have a polish like this one? Let me know!

NOTE: When I removed this polish my nails where stained horribly. They were quite orange! Be careful with this polish.

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  1. Unbelievable, just last week I put a whole box of this old polish in the thrash. Didn’t think anyone would seriously be like interested in old nail polish.

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