Essie Valentine’s day collection 2021

Yes again another 2021 Essie collection. This time we’re looking at Essie’s Valentine 2021 collection. It is crazy how time flies, I feel like I haven’t even be able to check out the Valentine 2020 collection.

That being said, I must admit that Essie’s valentine collections are usually not my favorite. It’s not that anything is wrong with the polishes, it’s just that I don’t feel attracted to the whole Valentine’s theme. So that’s a small warning before I post this.

Essie’s Valentine 2021 collection consists of 6 shades. Cupid’s Beau (bright orange red with shimmer), Gilded Goddess (medium pink with pink shimmer), Glow and Arrow (sheer lighter pink with blue shimmer), Heart of gold (golden shimmer), Love is in the air (red purple with shimmer), Tug at the harpstrings (darker creme red).

As far as I could tell, they don’t have plastic wrappers around them like they had last years. Instead, they have golden prints on the caps. I think it’s quite cute and I personally like it better than the wrapper. Update: Sadly when you are living in the Europe, the bottles will not have the print on the caps.

If you’re looking for swatches of this collection, over here on instagram there is a post displaying all colors! I definitely like the shades more now that I have seen swatches!

So my personal opinion? Probably not going to pick any of these shades up. I definitely like the color scheme from the Essie spring 2021 collection better! However, the bottles are very cute and the colors do fit in with the whole valentine’s day theme, so who knows! The shades are available over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Update: I ended up picking up Glow and arrow. Swatches are coming soon!


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