Essie Winter 2021 collection (‘Toy to the world’)

What did I tell you? When one winter collection comes, more will follow. This morning I woke up to very good news. Mrs Cgn has found the new Essie Winter 2021 /2022 collection (or holiday 2021/ Christmas 2021, however you want to call it)! The collection is called ‘Toy to the world’. I’ve ordered them all, so hopefully we can see swatches soon! Update: you can find my swatches over here.

This is what Essie has to say about the collection: “don’t kid yourself… you’re ready to get all dolled up and perfectly manicured for the holiday party circuit this year. the new essie limited edition winter 2021 collection has us taking a trip down memory lane to a toyland of our childhood dreams. discover six nostalgic, supercharged shades that tap into the magic of the holidays and the pure joy of being surrounded by your most memorable childhood gifts.”

As usual: The collection consists of 6 new shades. This time they all have a Christmas theme:

  • All dolled up (A creme pink)
  • Jingle Belle (a silver)
  • Toy to the world (a red)
  • Don’t kid yourself (A coral creme)
  • Lucite of reality
  • Glee-for-all (a champagne with shimmer)


So far, I have only seen the collection at But I expect that more stores will have it in stock soon, so don’t worry! I’ve personally already ordered this collection. It reminds me a bit of the pre-2018 Christmas collections, and although I was a bit tired of it back then, I know absolutely love the look of this collection!

Update: The colors are available on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

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3 thoughts on “Essie Winter 2021 collection (‘Toy to the world’)”

  1. Awww .. thanks for tagging me. It was really a coincidence that I had a look at this website. I already saw your swatch pictures and I am really excited. At first glance, the colors did not look so special, almost boring, I would say. On the second regard it looks different. They are just a shade different than the similar colors. Whether they all fit the winter? For me, rather not. It’s not about Christmas, but in general: What do you wear in winter? Cool colors, I would say. Except for the silver and the green, the other colors don’t really fit. But well, there should be something for every taste, right? But I’m looking forward to the fall collection, which is now announced with us.

    1. Yes I agree with you, I also always lean towards cooler colors when the weather is colder! I know some people are really excited about this collection. So I guess there are people around that love these types of colors for winter!

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