Love by Essie (New plant-based Essie line)

After all the new Essie collections, I actually thought we would be done with new Essie collections! However, Essie always has some surprises for us. Just a disclaimer: this is a super early preview, and I’m not sure when this collection is going to be released, but this news was too good not to share! Essie is going to release a plant-based collection called ‘Love by Essie’. The new line is going to consist of 20 new shades, a combined base and top coat, and a nail and cuticle oil. 80% of the ingredients will be plant-based and have an opaque formula. Essie will use ingredients such as cotton, sugarcane, and corn.

The picture above is the only picture that is released so far. The main things that stand out are the “Love” that is printed on the bottle, and that the classic Essie white cap is replaced by a soft pink one. As I’ve said, no release date is available yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this collection pop up in 2023!

If you’re living in Germany you are lucky; you can sign up to be a tester using the following link:

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