OPI celebration collection 2021 (Holiday 2021 collection)

Screenshot from a video posted on the OPI Mexico’s Instagram page back in spring

For a while now, I have known about the new OPI Holiday 2021 collection called the OPI Celebration collection. I posted the first previews under the OPI DTLA announcement post, mainly because I wasn’t 100 percent sure about the information that I had, I didn’t want to make a complete post yet. At this point in time, I am pretty sure that the information I had is correct, and I found pictures, so the celebration collection deserved its own post. (Thanks to my friend Luimination nails). The collection is even on Amazon already (over here, affiliate link).

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If you’re not familiar with OPI Holiday collections: they are always the most exciting collections of the year in terms of special finishes. Often they are collaborations with famous brands or pop stars. For this year, I had high hopes. It’s OPI’s 40th birthday after all. When I first saw the pictures, I was a tiny bit disappointed. They didn’t look very festive at all to me until I saw the close-ups! I’ve counted at least six holographic shades in this collection!

Update: I was able to get my hands on this collection. You can find my swatches over here.

The colors of the OPI Celebration collection

The complete OPI Celebration collection for 2021

There are going to be 12 new shades in the collection. The shades are going to be called:

  • Snow day in LA (white pearl)
  • Turn bright after sunset (a black holographic glitter )
  • Big Bow energy (A medium pink creme)
  • Mylar dreams (A pink glitter, holographic)
  • Maraschino Cheer-y (A red creme)
  • OPI <3 to Party (A purple creme)
  • My Color Wheel is Spinning (A holographic purple)
  • Ring in the Blue Year (a vibrant blue creme)
  • LED Marquee (holographic blue)
  • All is Berry & Bright (A purple-leaning light blue, a rich berry according to OPI)
  • Ready, fête, go (holographic teal, pronounce ‘fête’ like ‘set’ but with an ‘F’)
  • Paint the tinseltown red (a holographic red)

Next to these 12 shades, also three new glitter “confetti” topcoats will be released:

  • Cheers to mani years
  • Confetti ready
  • You had me at confetti

If you find a display in a brick-and-mortar store, you might actually notice that there is a 16th shade: Big apple red. This color is added because it combines nicely with the glitter toppers and apparently ‘Paint the Tinseltown red‘ is a revamped edition of this shade.

I’m super excited about the holographic shades in this collection. It feels like OPI finally gives us what we want. I think the shades are very festive, and they would make great holiday gifts!

Mini sets

There are also going to be several mini-sets. The first ‘mini set’ is the OPI Advent Calender for 2021 with 25 mini bottles. I won’t post the content here, but you can find it over here (spoilers!!). All I want to say about it is that it contains shades from old collections, but also from this new collection!

Next to this, a mini-set containing 10 mini bottles from OPI’s permanent line will be available, and a Christmas cracker with four mini bottles from this new collection. Again, the packaging of these is super cute! It would make the perfect gift for someone close, or for yourself!

The mini-set will include the following colors:

  • Big bow energy (the creme pink)
  • Paint the tinsel town red (the holographic red)
  • My color wheel is spinning (the holographic purple)
  • Ring in the blue year (the blue creme)
The OPI mini set containing Big bow energy, Paint the tinsel town red, My color wheel is spinning and Ring in the blue year


The collection is also already available at Amazon US over here (affiliate link). The mini sets and advent calendar are available over here (affiliate link).

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I bought the collection myself from Polishpick, I’ve also already seen it as Nailpolishdirect and Lookfantastic.

There are even some rumors that this entire collection is going to be part of OPI’s permanent line-up, meaning that these shades will be available much longer. I’m not 100% sure about this, but it would be very good news!

What do you think?

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    1. I couldn’t find it first, but now I did! I will also list it in the post. There is a mini-set with 10 shades from the permanent collection (so not from the celebration collection), a mini-set with 4 shades from the celebration. The advent calendar is also listed, but it seems like I can’t pre-order it yet 🙁

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