OPI Less is Norse (Iceland Fall 2017)

OPI less is norse
OPI Less is Norse

OPI Less is Norse is one of the infinite shine polishes I found at the Big Bazar (a dutch discount store, comparable to TK Maxx). Less is Norse is from the Iceland collection for Fall 2017, so it is not surprising it has been spotted at discount stores.

Less is norse is a color reminescent of ball point ink. I personally really like this color, it such a modest color! There is another blue in the OPI Iceland collection, called Suzi and the arctic fox (which I also happend to pick up on sale), but Less is norse is much lighter.

The polish covers nicely in two coats. Definitely not a polish that I come across often, I don’t think I have anything like it. It’s very classy and chique! Just as most other polishes from the Iceland collection.

OPI Less is norse
OPI Less is Norse

I really enjoy Less is Norse. This shade is just perfection. This shade is still easy to obtain (for example over here on Amazon, affiliate link).

Are you looking for more shades of the Iceland Fall 2017 collection? So far I have swatched I’ll have a gin & tectonic and Turn on the northern lights. I have OPI Krona-logical order, OPI That’s what friends are Thor, Suzi and the arctic fox too. Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in seeing those colors too! Honestly, almost ever shade in the Iceland collection was nice, I wish I’d own them all.

EDIT September 2020: I just realized now that if you are looking for a modest version of the Pantone color 2020 of the year, classic blue, Less is Norse might be a great pick!

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