OPI Summer 2021 (The Malibu collection) preview

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It is that time of the year again, that all nail polish brands decide to release some information about their new collections. Last week, we had two new Essie summer collections. This week, it is time for OPI’s new summer 2021 collection inspired by Malibu! I don’t actually have this collection yet, and I don’t think that any swatches are available yet, but I will just share what I was able to find!

Surprisingly, the collection is inspired by Malibu, which is very close to the location of the spring 2021 collection, which was Hollywood. Also, in 2017 OPI released their California Dreaming collection, which also had some Malibu-inspired shades. I’m quite surprised since OPI normally randomizes the destinations quite well. I’m not sure whether this is because of Covid-19 (and they couldn’t travel to the location of the collection) or because Malibu is close the Hollywood, and OPI was founded there 40 years ago. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

Update: I finally figured this one out (wow I am so slow!). Since OPI exists 40 years now, each collection they release this year is going to be inspired by Los Angeles, since that is the place they were founded. Of course, their summer collection is going to be inspired by Malibu, makes sense right?

The collection can basically be split up into two parts: six neutral shades, and six colorful shades.

The six neutral shades: Coastal Sand-tuary, Cliffside Karaoke, Bonfire Serenade, Dusk till dune, El mat-adoring you, Endless Sun-ner
The six colorful shades: PCH love song, Mali-blue shore, The sound of vibrance, Marigolden hour, Strawberry waves forever! Pear-adise cove
  • Marigolden hour (Yellow)
  • Endless Sun-ner (medium brown)
  • The sound of Vibrance (Purple with shimmer)
  • El mat-adoring you (lighter brown)
  • Pear-adise cove (Green)
  • Mali-blue shore (Blue)
  • PCH love song (Coral orange, with shimmer)
  • From dusk til dune (light pink with shimmer)
  • Cliffside Karaoker (darker brown)
  • Coastal Sand-tuary (cream white)
  • Bonfire Serenade (lighter brown, cooler undertones than el mat-adoring you)
  • Strawberry waves forever (pink with pink shimmer)

What I like about the neutrals is that for each shade, there is a warm shade available, and a cooler shade. In this way, there is a neutral for pretty much every skintone! I have never been to Malibu, but from the pictures I have seen, I think the colors fit Malibu very well! There is a lot of brown with green, and the blue is of course the sea and the sky! The remaining shades could form a beautiful sunset!

Of course also a mini pack will be available, which will include the following colors:

  • El Mat-adoring you
  • Pear-adise Cove
  • Strawberry waves forever
  • The sound of vibrance

Definitely let me know in the comments what you think of this collection, and whether you have more information!

Update: This collection will be available on the 28th of April in the Netherlands for nail salons, usually large stores take longer. As far as the US release date: OPI has posted on Instagram that this collection will officially be available on the 1st of June, some salons may have it earlier! You can also already find it over here on Beyond Polish for only $7.35 (affiliate link).

Update on the update: The collection seems to be available now! You can, for example, also find them over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

The 6 vibrant shades of the collection. From left to right: The sound of vibrance, Mali-blue shore, Pear-adise cove, Marigolden hour, PCH Love song, and strawberry waves forever

Since 28th of April has passed, I was able to pick up the collection! You can check out the swatches of the shades in the picture above over here. The swatches of Coastal Sand-tuary, Strawberry waves forever, Marigolden hour and PCH love song (the warm tones) you can find over here.


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