OPI Suzi talks with her hands (Fall 2020)

Suzi talks with her hands is the last polish I bought (for now) from OPI’s new fall 2020 collection. Honestly, I didn’t expect to like this color so much, but it is pretty great.

Suzi talks with her hands is a medium grey with a hint of green. In most cases it looks like a regular grey, but sometimes the green is really prominent. I was afraid this was not going to show up in my pictures, but in the end I think it is also pretty clear. In some shots it looks like a green-grey, in others it just looks like regular grey polish.

The polish almost covered in one coat, but I ended up doing two coats. This polish is so shiny! Even without a topcoat.

It was surprising to see that this color matched so well with the other colors out of the Muse of Milan collection. It matches great with This color hits all the high notes and Leonardo’s model color, but also with the oranges from this collection, My Italian is a little rusty and Have your panetonne and eat it too. I am not a huge nail art fan, but I definitely think it would be awesome with these colors.

I am actually pretty surprised to find that I have no dupes for Suzi talks with her hands in my collection. Essence Rock my world was the one that came closest, but was much darker and more a regular grey (plus it is no longer available). I always avoided these types of grey, so if you are a huge grey lover, you might have some dupes.

I’m planning on wearing this shade quite a lot this Fall. If your looking for a modest yet surprising Fall shade, I can definitely recommend Suzi talks with her hands.

On a sidenote: Apparently the boyfriend did not like this color at all. He sighed from relieve when I took it off and he mumbled something about that he especially did not like it in combination with my longer nails. Well.. I guess this shade is just one of those ugly-pretty colors. And you can’t please everyone!

You can find it over here on Amazon (affiliate link). This shade is also in OPI’s mini set, which you can find over here (affiliate link). Normally I do not like all the colors in a mini set, but I pretty much like all the colors in this one!

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