Essie Fall 2020 (Waterfall in love)

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

My jaw dropped when I read on Instagram that the first Fall collection was spotted. Apparently Walmart released the Essie Fall collection a little bit early this year. I will show you everything I know about this collection so far, but nothing is officially released yet.

The Essie Fall 2020 collection is called Waterfall in love (haha) and has a jungle theme. It is available on the Walmart website over here, but also other stores, such as Polish Pick are selling them now.

This is what Walmart says about it:

this fall, prepare for your cargo cameo because you’re about to waterfall in love with the thrilling heart of the jungle! take a leap of faith among the vibrant birds of paradise and embrace the adrenaline brush. naturally, it will take some time to get into the swing of things while you trek forward! but remember, looks can thrill between these leafy bends so don’t be spotted by any fast friends!

  • 6 vibrant shades inspired by a thrilling trek through the heart of the jungle
  • salon quality formula for flawless coverage
  • our exclusive easy glide brush for professional application on nails
  • from the essie collection, which has produced more than 1,000 shades

The following video on youtube with live swatches is really nice.

So basically it is a jungle themed collection with 6 shades. 4 out of 6 shades are regular cremes. 2 out of 6 are shimmers. It is pretty weird, but I find that this collection has a similar vibe as the Bustling Bazaar collection. I think a lot of people will like the red and the purple. And the yellow and green are very on-trend. I guess the brown one really fits the season and the blue looks like the color of the year 2020 Classic Blue.

If you are living close to a Walmart or are able to order them online from Walmart, good for you! I guess the rest of us just have to wait for Fall, and guess what? That’s OK I’m definitely not ready for this collection yet! You can find more about Essie’s summer collections over here and here.


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