Morgan Taylor Fall 2021 (No boundaries)

We are just going to continue with more fall collections! Some people shared on Instagram that they received a PR package from Morgan Taylor. Although everything was very secret, I just knew it had to be the new fall 2021 collection. After an evening of googling, I finally found more information about this collection. It going to be called “No boundaries” and it consists of gorgeous fall shades (and yes, sadly also of one brown shade).

The collection is going to consist of 6 crème shades and will be released in regular nail polish (Morgan Taylor), gel nail polish (Gelish), and also as dip powder. The shades are going to be:

Morgan taylor’s fall 2021 collection: Catch me if you can, Laying low, Totally trailblazing, afternoon escape, uncharted territory, and keep ém guessing

• Laying Low – Rich Navy Blue Crème
• Uncharted Territory – Garnet Crème
• Afternoon Escape – Burnt Orange Crème
• Catch Me If You Can – Pumpkin Crème
• Keep ‘Em Guessing – Taupe Crème
• Totally Trailblazing – Hot Chocolate Crème

The shades are now available on Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link).

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My opinion

In the first place, I’m totally shocked that I was able to find these shades since I hadn’t heard anything about them. The collection immediately gave me fall vibes and makes me want to grab a cozy sweater. To be completely honest, it is probably not the most surprising color palette for Fall, but you can never go wrong with these types of colors. I never picked up Morgan Taylor before, but this time I’m definitely tempted! I’ve bought them myself from, so I hope they will arrive soon!


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